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Home educators cry “foul” as Badman granted extra time to justify flawed findings

Home educators today reacted angrily to the news that the DCSF has granted Graham Badman extra time to gather “evidence” for the Select Committee Inquiry into hisreport on Elective Home Education in England, in which he controversially claimed that home educated children are at greater risk of abuse than schooled children. Formal submissions have been requested by […]

By |September 12th, 2009|Civil Liberties, Education, Law, Politics|0 Comments

Lorraine Kelly misleads the nation

By Ali P

Interviewing a school refusing child and her mother on GMTV this morning, Lorraine Kelly told a blatant lie several times over: “It’s the law, you must go to school until you’re 16.” Emphasising the point to the child, she added: “Your mum could be in serious trouble if you don’t go to school.” […]

By |August 31st, 2009|Education|9 Comments

Teach yourself Home Education

A review of Teach Yourself Home Education by David R Grant

Deborah Durbin, Hodder Education, 2009

It is excellent to find that the topic of Home Education has now made it on to the list of the well-known ‘Teach Yourself’ series. The personal experiences of the author and those others whose experiences she quotes are very […]

By |August 20th, 2009|Education|1 Comment

Review fiasco prompts inquiry

An inquiry by the UK Parliament’s Children, Schools and Families Committee has been announced into the review of elective home education in England which was commissioned by the DCSF and conducted by Graham Badman.


The recommendations outlined in Mr Badman’s report, which include forced home visits and the unsupervised interrogation of young children by local authority […]

By |July 23rd, 2009|Civil Liberties, Education, Law, Politics|0 Comments

Forced schooling: how you can help


With thanks to Su for the inspiration through substitution!



By |July 2nd, 2009|Civil Liberties|3 Comments

ID cards for babies (the rest will follow)

By Schoolhouse

ID cards for babies. Preposterous? Read on.

Scotland’s national home education support organisation Schoolhouse began to research the amount of information which was being gathered about children purely from a self-preservation point of view when it appeared that proposed changes to the education and social work systems might directly threaten fundamental freedoms for home educators.

It […]

By |June 30th, 2009|Articles, Civil Liberties, Law, Politics|5 Comments

The parable of the laughing man

By Amy

There once lived a man, a joyful man, in an age of fear and sadness. A man, and nothing more – born of flesh, to return to dust, like all before him, and all who would follow. A man, and nothing less – with heart, and mind; with pulsing blood, and firing nerves: a […]

By |June 29th, 2009|General|4 Comments

When children’s rights are wronged

By Ali P

Carolyne Willow’s opinion piece in the Guardian, in which she criticises the Badman home education proposals as being unhelpful for children, has attracted a wide range of readers’ comments.

While some commentators clearly see his DCSF commissioned report for what it is: a blatant attack civil liberties and children’s rights, a depressing number of […]

By |June 26th, 2009|Civil Liberties|2 Comments

Laming’s legacy of failure

By Amy and Elaine

In August 2007, a seventeen month old boy who was to become known to the world as Baby P died after months of appalling cruelty at the hands of his mother, her partner, and their lodger.

As his harrowing story unfolded, with the events leading up to his death being dissected in forensic […]

By |June 14th, 2009|Articles, Family, Law, Politics|17 Comments

‘Madman’ review of home education

In January 2009, the UK Government tasked former science teacher Graham Badman to assess whether the current system of “supporting and monitoring home education” in England was effective. His subsequent report was published on 11 June.


Despite being described by the DCSF as “independent”, the published report betrays a disturbing level of partiality, which sugggests its recommendations […]

By |June 14th, 2009|Civil Liberties, Education, Law, Politics|0 Comments